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Ebru, an Istanbul-based jewellery designer. 
She creates a variety of women's earrings and necklaces
made from high-quality venise lace combined with chains, beads, metals and other textile supplies.

Tovi Corrie

Tovi Sorga is an independent artist, designer and producer of bespoke, printed leather fashion accessories.
He began his career in leather-craft producing large jewellery designs that incorporated silver and gold. Demand for these products grew throughout London.
Tovi is one of the only leather-craft artisans creating for the fashion market in the UK who works with printed leather. Tovi selects choice hides that he treats himself to achieve the trademark sensuous, buttery texture of his products.

Rebecca Gladstone

Rebecca founded her independent label just over two years ago.
Having taught Art & Design for several years, working from her studio in Hackney, she now lovingly creates pieces of her own, hand forming, molding, shaping and casting with a strong emphasis on geometric forms.


Inspired by his time in the marines, Stephen created Tombag from the military kit bag we know today. Manufactured in the UK, all products are made from 15 ounce water resistant canvas. The 11 litre Tombag makes for a perfect day bag, the 22 litre is great for sports and the 33 litre is designed to airline specification as hand luggage. Used by millions of service men and women over the past 120 years, this tried and tested design has to be good enough for us!

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