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North South Apparel

Found by Ali whilst attending Exeter University,
North South Apparel was inspired by a desire to help those in need.
NSA brings you a great range of ethical products that help you look great, and wear something that matters. All products are sustainable and ethically sourced with
at least 10% of every sale goes towards to a
great cause.
Ali’s currently working to help change the face of homelessness in the UK by organising workshops that give rough sleepers their confidence back.

dollyMIX roxx

Their mantra is simple, dress to express not to impress!
Founded by Melissa, her aim is to inspire others as they have inspired her.
This summer dollyMIX roxx bring you their favourite rainbow inspired statement essentials to bring a little sparkle to everyones lives.

Elephant Branded

One Elephant...One Idea. 

Why do some children have the right to an education whilst others don't?

James set up Elephant Branded after working in Africa and Asia on his travels. Shocked by the basic lack of school equipment he
wanted to make a positive difference.

EB products are sourced from recycled cement bags, and following every purchase one school kit is donated to a child in the
community that created it. Simple as that.

Oliver Hayden

Husband and wife Bernice and Gavin setup Oliver Hayden from a passion of diverse furniture.
From eccentric ornaments to bedroom interiors, vintage to industrial themes, their collections of homeware offer inspiring pieces that you won't find just anywhere.
With family values being a core part of their business they have made sure they cater for both adults and children.

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