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Tada & Toy

A fresh new luxury fashion brand making delicate, high quality jewellery accessible to all.
Founded by two London based designers with a passion for animal conservation, Tada & Toy support
The Aspinall Foundation which works to save endangered animals from extinction.
Make a statement today with a stunning piece from their collection.

Plane Clothing

Founded by husband and wife Gerry and Charlotte, Plane Clothing is inspired by the everyday beauty of urban life.
Run from a small studio in East London, all printing is based on Gerry's original photographs and illustrations.


Presenting an innovative women’s fashion house:
A fusion of international style, quality and innovation. Based in London, the brand offers the wearer the ultimate in contemporary and one-of-a-kind design. Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson graduated from London College of Fashion in July 2013, their collection has since been worn by Lady Gaga, Little Mix, EVE, Charlie XCX, Lisa Maffia, Cheryl Cole.

Minga London

They're a London-based brand which sells new wave, fashion, edgy and weird clothing.
You can describe their brand in three words: LOVE, STYLE, INSPIRATION!
They draw inspiration from…everything!
Hipsters to punks, from fashion bloggers to girls next door, from the secret runways in Soho to the iconic businesswoman.

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