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Mug Yourself

Vintage styled mugs with modern day engravings, Mug Yourself creates unique and quirky gifts for your friends and family.
Perfect for anyone out there that needs a cup of tea or coffee to get them going in the morning!

Blaze On

Founded by Haute Couture colourist Lisa Durr and ex-West End performer Blaise Durr. Together they developed a range of lighting made from natural and ethically sourced materials in conjunction with rural artisans/friends from Thailand and Burma.
The artwork is an inter-local collaboration between the brand team in the UK and over 20 groups across rural Thailand. Most artists are mothers who engage in creative work between rice harvests, and in doing so are able to remain near their families and maintain the fabric of community life.

Henry's Shoes

Having been a long-term enthusiast of English made shoes,
founder Henry Davis thought that a brand that injected the old traditions of the popular British shoe, with a youthful burst of colour would cater to the demands of the new, bolder young professional.

Fast-forward 18 months and Henry’s have just launched their
first range of coloured suede shoes and have demonstrated
that the traditional styles that England is famed for, would truly
have a place in the modern market.

Whistle & Bango

When you dig a little deeper in to what might seem like a city which lacks community spirit, you discover that each pocket of London owns a little village spirit.
Everyone has affinity with their own part of this fascinating city, each of you with your own story to tell.
Founded by three South-West London girls with an entrepreneurial spirt and adoration for London, Whistle & Bango bangles allow you to wear your heart on your wrist forever.

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